A little about me.. 

I just started off wanting to capture moments of my family and friends; this eventually grew into a love of collecting pictures on top of pictures over time.

Now fast forward... I became a mom with a camera who is obsessed with taking pictures of my two boys, Phoenix (7) and Hunter (3). Let's not forget my hot husband who I stalk with the camera (even when he is sleeping). 


So I finally decided to take this picture taking thing to the next level and

explore the world of Lifestyle Family Photography (LFP).  I chose LFP because it is truly my passion; capturing the intentional and unapologetic love between couples, between children and their parents, and between loved ones. Being able to experience this Chemistry of Love (with the occasional bit of chaos) is what pushes me to develop my craft.

In my opinion, pictures, are a form of therapy to help keep us grounded when life gets hard. They allow us to look back and reminisce about the happiness and gratitude that we felt in those special moments. When our children grow up too fast... when we lose a loved one... when we lose our own personal "why's", sometimes our photos are all we have.

Nice to meet you!